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Storm Inlets

Design Precast & Pipe manufactures a complete line of standard and specially designed storm inlet structures to meet the needs of various storm water applications.

At Design Precast & Pipe we can build any size or shape structure, with the only limitations being transportation permitting. We welcome the unusually large and non-typical shaped structures, in fact we specialize in them.

Grate Inlet
Catch Basins/ Grate Inlets

  • Collects water from surface through grated openings

  • Designed for any flow rate 

  • Variable in size, both inlet and grates

  • With Flat tops or Cast into walls

Curb Inlet
Curb Inlet

  • Many different types, can meet each state or local requirement

  • Allows storm water to run down curb into drain system

  • Can be adjusted for height to match carbine perfectly

  • Many sizes and shapes available

Junction Boxes

  • Allows connection of different pipe sizes and elevations within the storm system

  • Typically does not use grate or casting

  • Can be built to accommodate existing pipe

  • Many different sizes and shapes available

Junction Box
Weir Inlet
Pedestal/Weir Inlet

  • Helps control stormwater levels in ponds or open drainage areas 

  • Available in any size, shape and depth