Design Precast & Pipe manufactures a complete line of standard  and specialty end treatments for:


Box Culverts

Safety Ends

Headwalls and Double Headwalls

arched & round laf 001.JPG
Flared End Sections For Pipe

  • Allows transitions for drive crossings and ditch connections

  • Variable in size for both RCP RCAP

  • Rubber Gasket for Butyl Mastic connections

Safety End Sections

  • For use in high traffic areas, usually DOT applications with higher speed traffic

  • Manufactured per spec length and size

  • Available for Round and Arch Pipe

  • Made with and without crossbars


  • Accommodates both box culvert and pipe of all sizes

  • Typically used to accept high volumes of storm water in larger sizes of pipe and box culvert

  • Single, Double and Triple headwalls can be produced