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Discover the Latest Technology:

The Lifting Eye™



PF3 Global has developed the first significant patent and the newest standard in the RCP industry since the inception of concrete pipe in 1849—the Lifting Eye™. This patented device allows you to save valuable time, money, resources, and labor in the field, while also ensuring the safety of you and your personnel. 

What is the Lifting Eye™?


The patented Lifting Eye™ is a simple yet effective incorporated cable loop that has been engineered and tested to withstand the load weight of handling and laying concrete pipe. There are no more traditional lift holes, machinery, straps, or chains at the job site for you and your men to deal with. 

PF3 Global is offering the licensing rights for this innovative technology to improve companies’ efficiency and safety in the field while lowering costs dramatically. Additionally, we have a dedicated team to facilitate the implementation and assist precast producers in understanding the Lifting Eye™ to transition their plant, employees, and customers to the safer, more efficient, uncomplicated industry standard for round concrete pipe.


How Does the Lifting Eye™ Compare?


With repetitive, result-backed testing, the Lifting Eye™ has been proven to eliminate the need for extra equipment and paid labor on the job site—directly increasing your bottom line. 

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