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Electrical Structures

These structures are used for the connection and addition of communication and electrical lines. Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. offers a full line of electrical structures—in any size or shape.

Electrical Duct Bank.webp

Electrical Duct Bank

  • Gives access to internal conduit for future addition or repair

  • Bends are available 

Light Pole Bases

  • Many different types—can meet each state/local requirement

  • Square or round available

  • Internal Conduit also available

Light Pole Bases.webp
Electrical and Comm Boxes.webp

Electrical and Communication Boxes

  • Any sizes or shapes—any terminator orientation

  • Reduces time in field 

  • Waterproofing available

  • All cast-in pulling cables, sump pans, and other necessary appurtenances available 

Let's Talk


All quality projects begin with a conversation. Whether you’re facing a challenge with design, timeline, or budget—we look forward to discussing it.

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