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At Design Precast & Pipe, Inc., we are always thinking outside of the box. We pride ourselves on being able to create and deliver on any custom project a client requests from us. Having delivered to as far as Kentucky, Tallahassee, and North Carolina, we look forward to working with our clients for any kind of precast concrete needed for a project.

Look below to see our latest jobs and most newsworthy projects!

Wave Attenuation Devices (WAD®s) - Biloxi Coast, Biloxi Marsh of Louisiana

These Wave Attenuation Devices (WAD®s) were cast here at Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. and are beginning to make their way along from Biloxi Gulf Coast to the Biloxi Marsh along Louisiana’s northeastern shoreline to dissipate wave energy, reduce erosion, allow for sand accretion, and create a new critical habitat for invertebrates and fish. This ongoing, 11-mile project is a partnership with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Agency (CPRA) to improve the durability of shorelines and increase fish habitats—something we’re really excited about here at Design Precast!


MDOT Call No. 1, US-49 - Widening and Drainage Improvements - Florence, MS

This large infrastructure project consists of over 100 structures and thousands of linear feet of RCB, RCP, and RCPA. Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. had this opportunity to manufacture and supply the product to Hemphill Construction—one of the many occasions DPPI and Hemphill have teamed up to complete a large-scale project. 

hoy road.webp

Inner Harbor Navigations Canal Lock - Dolphin Panel Replacement - New Orleans, LA

Situated directly adjacent to one of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Locks, this project included a massive, 50'x65'x6' precast base created by Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. The structure acts as a form to which approximately 1400CY of concrete will fill and finish at 12' tall. Additionally, 9 panels of varying size are outfitted with channels to attach hanging apparatuses and sit on the piling. Design of this job began in February 2020 and reached completion in April 2021. It is an impressive display of precast, engineering, and construction—all thanks to the joint efforts of DPPI, CAYO, Covington Civil and Environmental, and the USACE. For more photos of this project, click here.

Dolphin Panel.webp

Plant Barry - Bucks, AL

Located in Bucks, AL, this project is headed by G.A. West with a tight schedule to be met by Design Precast—to be produced and shipped this sump in a 10-day window. This singular piece weighs 135,000 lbs, with the overall structure weighing a whopping 210,000 lbs.

Plant Barry.webp

MDOT Call No. 1, US-49 - Widening and Drainage Improvements - Florence, MS

As the largest infastructure project in Mississippi to date, this job includes covering the northbound, southbound, and median of US-49. It includes replacing all drainage with RCP and precast structures—using approximately 600ea Drainage Structures, 2000LF Box Culvert, 330ea Flared End Sections, and 57,000LF of RCPA/RCP. With DPPI and Yates Construction teaming up to finish the project efficiently and accurately, this project began in December 2017 and was completed in July 2022.


Downtown Biloxi Infrastructure Improvements - Biloxi, MS

Completed in historic Biloxi, MS, this multi-phase project included thousands of drainage/sewer structures, RCP, RCPA, and RCB. This project was also supported by the Hurricane Katrina federal relief funds. Design Precast & Pipe, Inc. had the opportunity to work with construction companies Oscar Renda, Hemphill, Lane, and Necaise Brothers on each phase of this project. From Biloxi beach to the Back Bay of Biloxi to downtown Biloxi, each phase of this job restored the infrastructure of this coastal town.

Downtown Biloxi.webp

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month. At Design Precast & Pipe, Inc., we are doing our part to help raise awareness for this cause by switching from our traditional blue logo to a pink logo. This is featured on all of our pipe and precast products that are being shipped out this month. Although a small change, it can have a great impact in raising awareness, and awareness is power.

Breast Cancer Design.webp

Mississippi Coast Coliseum - Biloxi, MS

DPPI played an integral role in providing drainage structures and RCP for W.C. Fore on the parking lot expansion at the MS Coast Coliseum. We love the opportunity to supply our products to local projects!


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